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You Know You Missed It….

my newest attempt at repopulating badleyat!

here’s what happens when quickly and fast have a child. they get


i’m all about saving time.


It Was Bound To Happen, So Suck It Up!!

and you know you missed your dose of mishmisha badleya..



*skips off into the sunset*

Would You Like An Extra 2 Badleyas With That Shake?

Number 1:
Legural Flies (Regular Fries) believe it or not i actually said this *nervous laugh* hehe

Number 2:
Shifaifich (Sifaifich) I am  so proud to write this  one down, it’s one of the worst badleya of this year!!

Latta betchaaaas!!

First Badleya of ’08..

well obviously that’s not true! but it’s the first one that i remembered to blog 😀 let’s get on with it shall we?

cuf a coppee

(cup a coffee)

p.s guess who’s back!! go on over and give her a warm welcome back hug.. she’s kinda shy 😛

Badleya Of The Day..


(Feel Bad)

Your Daily Badliya

Foosting (wasting food)

learn it.
love it.
live it.

How To Recognize A Badliya:

first we will start with a brief introduction of the ‘badliya’, we will give you the definition..

Badliya(n); to change a word from its’ original form into something that doesn’t have anything to do with the word that you want to say.

secondly the types of badliyas.

  1. where it has nothing to do with the word you’re about to say. (ex. k net – which means quality net ) this badliya occurs when you are confused between the two words or you just don’t know which is which.
  2. where you mix two words together (ex. pull flease – which means full please) this badliya occurs when you want to say the words but you’re talking too fast or you’re very emotional or your mind is elsewhere.
  3. when you want to say the word, but you’re too stupid to know the actual word so you assume it’s the correct word (ex. na3lat – which means ni3l) this badliya occurs as been said before when you’re too stupid to know the actual word so you say whatever the fuck comes out of your mouth.

how to prevent saying a badliya:
learn how to talk asshole!


  • houme (house + home)
  • fuckon (fucking song)
  • smot stoking (stop smoking)
  • pull flease (full please)
  • so slong (slow song)
  • jeebsy (jibin + beebsi)

note: these badliya have been said by yours truly who is bored as fuck..

Words of wisdom..

Just when you think life's a bitch, she has puppies.

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