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STOP! Blabber Time..

oooh ooh ooh… oooh ooh ooh..

moving on.

truth be told it’s already come to mind that i should just close this window and my laptop and open my book, since i have 2 finals on saturday and sunday. but i quickly threw that thought out the window quicker than you can say “holy mother of hell i have a belly button!”

yes people. the thought left me that quickly.

as i was saying. i’m bored as hell and have nothing to do, don’t tell me to study, then i won’t just in spite.

ya wardity ya nidiya, roo7y lifeely hadiya.

*sigh* i can’t get that song out of my head. and the worst thing is that the last time i heard that song was 2 years ago, i think.

what’s up with people sending me emails congratulating me that i won the lottery? it’s too much that i’m starting to get tempted to email them and tellin them to fuck off and transferring the money to my ‘shove it up your ass’ account in switzerland. seriously i already got 4 of those in 1 week, coincidence? i think not… they are playing with my patience, i tell you!

lalah hungry all of a sudden… =/

ya wardity ya nidiya, roo7y lifeely hadiya 😀

here’s what i’m going to do. i’m going to put that sentence alot so that i won’t be the only one who has this song stuck in their head. evil huh?

misery loves company munchkin. deal with it.

just a few days and i’ll be done with this! yaaay i’m uber excited! the first thing i’m gonn do is burn my uniform.. probably won’t. but at least i have that thought to put a smile on my face at odd times… like when my mom was lecturing me about studying and getting my grades up and then all of a sudden. sarah has this huge grin on her face.. ^_^

great news! paullette has left! yay! peace and quiet at last thank you very much.

made a deal with the devil err mother.. and said that if i get accepted to the uni i want i can travel.. on my own! yay! pray for me ppl and give happy encouraging thoughts..

ya wardity ya nidiya, roo7y lifeely hadiya…

i’m starting to get bored and have nothing left to say… so i’ll see yaz later.

memo to me: buy ki7il 😛 i keep forgetting 😀

ya wardity ya nidiya, roo7y lifeely hadiya..




my life in a nutshell..

i was going to write something about how i’ve been feeling down lately for the past 2 weeks.. about all the things i wanted but couldn’t do or have because i don’t want the people who know me to be disappointed in me.

basically i was going to come clean and say what i wanted.. but then i remembered that all these people that i don’t want to disappoint read this blog, then they’d know what i want and they’d be disappointed that i want these things. pretty fucked up huh?

i know it’s confusing and probably not very understandable. but i’m ok with that..

Why dont you go back to your home on Dumbass Island?

there’s nothing more that i hate than stupid people! and the only things that irritates me more is that said people think they’re the shit!

trust me, my dog’s dump is much smarter.

but what’re you gonna do? the more you try to make them see sense the more stupid they get and more confused. so i’ve decided not to give a shit anymore.

so far it’s working pretty well… 🙂

p.s paullete’s been knocked up. and i feel…… sad 😦

Y’all… Meet Satan’s Spawn..

this is *it* Paulette! the bitch is still there and still annoying as hell.. apparently it has found a companion… and said companion doesn’t have as big of balls as the spawn.. but worry not dear readers. they came back 10 minutes later -.- and they’re still there..

so now i shall leave you to feel sorry and grieve for me..

till next time y’all!

Words of wisdom..

Just when you think life's a bitch, she has puppies.

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