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Well….. Fuck You!

here’s how it is, it’s been awhile since anything was posted in this emptiness that is called my blog. well.. truth be told, i couldn’t give a crap. but it’s mine and i can do whatever i want with it, including letting it do nothing and sit there collecting dust. so suck on that.

anyway, the real reason why i’m writing this is because i felt like it, and so far my anger is still in the same place it was and i don’t want it there anymore. so let’s just get the bitch-athon going so we can all sleep at night.

i hate uni!! fucking assholes gave me D’s! which one of them said in an email that it was supposed to be a C but out of kindness he gave me a D because i was late to some of the classes so he was supposed to give me an F, but he gave me a D. thank a lot asshole, but i’d like my C instead. it’s unfair since it’s a C! you can’t do that, it’s my grade! my percentage is a C, you can’t make it lower just because you feel like it.

now that’s the first one, the second one is different, i need just five points to pass the class, and if the prefessor wasn’t an irresponsible prick, then i wouldnt be in this mess in the first place! here’s what happend:

we had some class asignments, and i did them all. now the asshole was suppose to return them to us after grading them, but he never returned mine. and after talking to him about it a couple of times and going with him to his office and not finding them. he told me he’d look for them and not to worry. yeah right. now when i saw the break up sheet for the grade, i see that he gave me zero’s on those 2 assignments! wtf man! and when i emailed him about it he tells me he doesn’t “recall us ever having that conversation”. well it’s not my problem if you’re an ass with no memory! i want my grade that i deserve! abi aftak min waihik. i don’t care if a c isn’t even that good! i just want to finish from this stupid class that i don’t want!

well this post didnt really help me at all…


You are the best one of the best ones..

I’ve always wanted this. And now I’m freaking out because it’s happening too fast.

Do I have a right to feel this way or am I just one ungrateful bitch?

My Confession #2

I’m a sucker for biting my cuticles…

Is you Is or Is you ain’t my baby…


Just a little pick-me-up for myself for the start of the week.

@2.00 – 2.03 is my favorite part that I have to giggle at.. 😀

Heading out…


will try to update you on my adventures..

Yay Me!



No present? Money is always acceptable..

Sleep Texting?

i’ve always taken pride in the fact that i’m a light sleeper. i always wake up quickly to the point that if my phone was set on silent i would wake up from the vibrations (i’m picking up good viiiberatiooons, she’s giving me exciitaaations)


apparently i do some thing when i’m asleep.. it’s quite rare, i assure you dear reader. but it is still quite humiliating to me.

i text when i’m asleep.

it happened to me twice but thankfully no damage was done. they all happened with feefz (thank gawd!)

the first one i think i said “Ee [new line] folay bootsa

no idea what i means, but probably made sense to me in my sleep..

next one is “kelsay joqa

apparently when sarah is sleeping she dreams in a different language..

so am i the only one doing this??

Words of wisdom..

Just when you think life's a bitch, she has puppies.

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