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You know what’s weird..

Donald Duck never wore pants. But whenever he’s getting out of the shower, he always puts a towel around his waist.

I mean, what is that about?


HATENGAAH! (ha-tain-gaaaah)

happy birthday sweetie! many happy returns inshalla! ;**

happy birthday sweetie! many happy returns inshalla! ;**

Recent Craving…



Y’all… Meet Satan’s Spawn..

this is *it* Paulette! the bitch is still there and still annoying as hell.. apparently it has found a companion… and said companion doesn’t have as big of balls as the spawn.. but worry not dear readers. they came back 10 minutes later -.- and they’re still there..

so now i shall leave you to feel sorry and grieve for me..

till next time y’all!

My Confession

He freaks the crap outta me…

Guess Who’s Back?

yep you guessed it!

she came back at around seven and i hung out with her, played with her with some shoelace, then she just lied down on me and got comfy..

till my cousin who’s like one of my many best friends came over to say hi since he ‘missed’ me.. he liked her and apparently the feelings were mutual since she went and just started to lie down on him and almost fell asleep..

other than that we just hung out until he left and i decided it was time for me to get back in and put her a bowl of milk at the door and left her outside..

i can’t have a cat, since we already have a dog and my mom hates cats.. oh well.. at least i’ll be there if she ever comes back, and i’ll just hang out and feed her then send her off to wherever.. i guess that’s the most i can do, right?

anyway here are more cute pictures that i took with my phones’ camera.. and yes that’s me.. don’t make fun please ;P

the first pic. is when she was rubbing up against my leg and then decided to just take a rest on my leg. nothing new :p

the second pic. is when she was playing with my shoe and that’s when i decided to bring her some old shoe lace for her to play with.

the third pic. is when mu cousin came over and she just went up and sat on his lap and rested, and that’s when he said if he could keep her.. of course he’d have to ask his dad.. we’ll see, eh?

dsc00253.jpg                                                              dsc00264.jpg                                                          dsc00267.jpg

Y’all, Meet Charlie.

this is charlie. dsc00223.jpg

she is a cat (duh) who came into the diwaniya at about 10 pm and has been kicked out by my mother at 12 something. after we put her outside the house she was still there.. and after looking to see if she’s there for 10 minutes she still wouldn’t leave.

she still didn’t leave when i decided to go to bed.. she didn’t seem like your typical street cat.. she seemed very house-broken (is that even a word?)

she was very hungry and we gave her some chicken which she seemed to like very much and some milk which she equally liked..

i still think she’s down there… oh my gosh she is soooo adorable!! i’m not that much of a cat person but i can appreciate a cute cat.

maybe she’s missing right? she might have a home.. but she seemed very content to just stay for a while and brush up against me every two minutes.. she was really cute you guys. and it’s not because i’m a girl and and…. other stuff!!

i don’t know if she’s still there.. i’m imagining that when i leave for school tomorrow she’d still be there in front of the house or something… can you imagine how much my heart would break?

Words of wisdom..

Just when you think life's a bitch, she has puppies.

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