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Keyboard Test

like a voice test that you do to annoy people, but with your keyboard.

just saying.


Holy Moly

Allah y3een your kids. Seriously.

Honey, I’m Home!

just got back from a hectic ten days in germany. it was worth it. here is what i’ve seen since i’ve been there:
1) i’ve seen a man peeing on a wall.. 7ada mala da3y i ever see that in my opinion.
2) i’ve seen an old dude talking on the phone while olding -yep!- his penis! (what is up with them and their public display of genitals?)
3) a person came to me for directions to a place i didn’t even know existed, so i intentionally gave them the wrong directions.. (was that bitchy?)
4) my mom’s nurse totally crushed on me (ego boost!)
5) old men there loved me!
6) and such things like that ;D

anywho’s.. i’m tired from my miserable plane ride… til next time dear reader. :*

I Almost Feel Sorry For You


my life in a nutshell..

i was going to write something about how i’ve been feeling down lately for the past 2 weeks.. about all the things i wanted but couldn’t do or have because i don’t want the people who know me to be disappointed in me.

basically i was going to come clean and say what i wanted.. but then i remembered that all these people that i don’t want to disappoint read this blog, then they’d know what i want and they’d be disappointed that i want these things. pretty fucked up huh?

i know it’s confusing and probably not very understandable. but i’m ok with that..

Did You Pledge?

Download Day 2008


cause i did! be a part of setting a world record! pledge today!

ok i just sounded like a salesman…

anyway just pledge will ya? i have to go study for my final tomorrow.. god help me 😦

Words of wisdom..

Just when you think life's a bitch, she has puppies.

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