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Special Occasion

For the first time ever in this semester.

I have attended all my classes today…

You may start celebrating right……now!


My Latest Addiction

And I seriously can’t get enough of it!! It’s awesome and really addictive. I highly recommend it if you’ve never tried it. (Official Site)

Would You Like An Extra 2 Badleyas With That Shake?

Number 1:
Legural Flies (Regular Fries) believe it or not i actually said this *nervous laugh* hehe

Number 2:
Shifaifich (Sifaifich) I am  so proud to write this  one down, it’s one of the worst badleya of this year!!

Latta betchaaaas!!

Tiny TidBits Of My Weekend,

“aaaw! he’s so cute i wanna kick him!!” -Frex

“Whatever happens in the shalaih, stays in the shalaih” -Feefz

“for this weekend i’m not 25, i’ m 16” -Kambi

“can you use the word ‘porn’ in scrabble?” -mishmisha

“when i say ‘laish’ we spray them, k?”  -friend

“inta laish wayhik n3al?!” -mishmisha

“i can’t believe i went so low, and fought with an 8 year old” -feefz
“and lost” -mishmisha

“shfeech? ga3deen nsawy jow romansy” -mumum, i think?

“he’s fucking everywhere! i can’t go anywhere without him being there! it’s so annoying!” -mishmisha

“lolz, 7aram why’d he spray the maid? she didn’t do anything!” -mishmisha
“3ady oboy’s like that, just shrug it off” -frex

“9arly sa3a agoolah ana ma3ak! and then he sprays me in the face the next second!” -sawoonah

“i’m so hungry i can eat my own face!” -mishmisha

“it’s a shame we’re pussies…” -feefz
“such a shame..”  -frex
“shame shame shame” -mishmisha

“you can’t put ‘wtf’ on a scrabble board! it’s not a word!” -kambi
“it might be in some countries, you never know!” -mishmisha

“i got my three bitches by my side, what more could a girl want?” -mishmisha

and that just the first couple of days, the rest i don’t remember that well.

Words of wisdom..

Just when you think life's a bitch, she has puppies.

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