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Sleep Texting?

i’ve always taken pride in the fact that i’m a light sleeper. i always wake up quickly to the point that if my phone was set on silent i would wake up from the vibrations (i’m picking up good viiiberatiooons, she’s giving me exciitaaations)


apparently i do some thing when i’m asleep.. it’s quite rare, i assure you dear reader. but it is still quite humiliating to me.

i text when i’m asleep.

it happened to me twice but thankfully no damage was done. they all happened with feefz (thank gawd!)

the first one i think i said “Ee [new line] folay bootsa

no idea what i means, but probably made sense to me in my sleep..

next one is “kelsay joqa

apparently when sarah is sleeping she dreams in a different language..

so am i the only one doing this??


You Know You Missed It….

my newest attempt at repopulating badleyat!

here’s what happens when quickly and fast have a child. they get


i’m all about saving time.

Teeny Tiny Blonde Moment 4

Sarah: didn’t we just see this? omg are we in the past?!

7amad: *stares* yes Sarah we’re in the past..

Kambi: 7amad you’re not helping! no Sarah this is the +2 channel

Sarah: oh.. hehe *embarrassed*

p.s merry christmas!! 

Teeny Tiny Blonde Moment 3

Sarah: Oh I just remembered!!

Kambi: What? What is it?

Sarah: I think I forgot..

Kambi: You think?

Sarah: Wait I think I remem- no I still don’t remember..

Kambi: *rolls eyes*

Sarah: *keeps trying to remember* hmmm…

Teeny Tiny Blonde Moment 2

Sarah: *Looking at Kambis’ shirt* isn’t that mine?!

Kambi: No..

Sarah: Are you sure? cause I think I have one just like that..

Kambi: You mean like the one you’re wearing?

Sarah: *Long pause* Yeah…

I told you I thought I was a blonde in my past life, and you thought I was exaggerating.. -_-;;

Teeny Tiny Blonde Moment

Sarah: Can you see the people behind that thing?

7amad: Yeah…

Sarah: Oh OK, I just thought I had x-ray vision.

7amad: *stares*

Words of wisdom..

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