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Heading out…


will try to update you on my adventures..


Mbarak 3alaikom Elshahar..

Kil 3am Wintaw Bkhair!

Kil 3am Wintaw Bkhair!

Tiny TidBits Of My Weekend,

“aaaw! he’s so cute i wanna kick him!!” -Frex

“Whatever happens in the shalaih, stays in the shalaih” -Feefz

“for this weekend i’m not 25, i’ m 16” -Kambi

“can you use the word ‘porn’ in scrabble?” -mishmisha

“when i say ‘laish’ we spray them, k?”  -friend

“inta laish wayhik n3al?!” -mishmisha

“i can’t believe i went so low, and fought with an 8 year old” -feefz
“and lost” -mishmisha

“shfeech? ga3deen nsawy jow romansy” -mumum, i think?

“he’s fucking everywhere! i can’t go anywhere without him being there! it’s so annoying!” -mishmisha

“lolz, 7aram why’d he spray the maid? she didn’t do anything!” -mishmisha
“3ady oboy’s like that, just shrug it off” -frex

“9arly sa3a agoolah ana ma3ak! and then he sprays me in the face the next second!” -sawoonah

“i’m so hungry i can eat my own face!” -mishmisha

“it’s a shame we’re pussies…” -feefz
“such a shame..”  -frex
“shame shame shame” -mishmisha

“you can’t put ‘wtf’ on a scrabble board! it’s not a word!” -kambi
“it might be in some countries, you never know!” -mishmisha

“i got my three bitches by my side, what more could a girl want?” -mishmisha

and that just the first couple of days, the rest i don’t remember that well.

Have a…


Teeny Tiny Blonde Moment 4

Sarah: didn’t we just see this? omg are we in the past?!

7amad: *stares* yes Sarah we’re in the past..

Kambi: 7amad you’re not helping! no Sarah this is the +2 channel

Sarah: oh.. hehe *embarrassed*

p.s merry christmas!! 

Guess The Celebrity

we were on vacation, the whole family, my grandmother, my aunts, my uncle. all of us.

so me and my sister, brother, and 2 cousins decided to go to the movies, and we went to the movie theater that’s closest to our apartments since this was decided on such short notice. we miraculously get seats, and go in quick since the movie was about 10 minutes to start.

we go in, i sit at the other end. i’m kinda pissed, since i like sitting at the isle, oh well, i couldn’t do anything about that. then i would say that it was the best thing that happened to me that summer.

2 minutes till the movie starts and he walks over to our isle and asks us for some room so he could pass. i swear to you, everybody was staring at him, how obvious could they get! i had no idea what was going on! i thought they were looking at the girl who was with him, since she was quite attractive. so i just rolled my eyes and started to do the thing when people wanna pass you, you sorta try to shrink or something, and i kept hearing them saying “omg”, “holy shit” and the like. so he goes and sits 2 seats next to me. i turn to them sharply and ask what their problem was. and that’s when they tell me. i froze “what?! where?!” i didn’t realize that it was him. but when i turned and saw him again, i realized it was really him!

omg!! i loved him! i love his show, i love his sense of humor, and i respect him as an actor, he’s one of my favorite actors, and he’s sitting 2 seats next to me!!

they were telling me to go and say something, talk to him, ask for his autograph, something! i was saying no. we should respect his privacy and leave him alone, plus the movie just started.

20 minutes later, without meaning to, i turn my head in his direction, and at the same time he does the same. he smiled and winked at me.. *squeeeeee*

that was one of the best summers ever!

guess who it is, i’ll give you some hints:

  • he’s a man (duh!)
  • he’s 38 years old.
  • he’s worked on one of the best shows on television.
  • his sense of humor is legendary.
  • his middle name is Langford.
  • He spoke the last line in the final episode of his show, he said, “where?”

guess who?

NOTE: ok so we all obviously know who it is, yes it’s Matthew Perry…

Do You Want Me To Say “Ta-Da” To Make It Seem More Like A Trick?

* ok so my 2 brothers and dad just went on a little vacation an hour ago and now the house is all mine!!! i mean my eldest (oldest? i’m not sure) brother ‘joos’ doesn’t spend anytime in the house.. either he’s at work or the other place which i cannot name 😛 and my sister is the same.. either she’s at work or upstairs in her room doing god knows what! and ma mah! is asleep the whole day (she’s that kind of mother.. who stays up the whole night watching old arabic movies and sleeps til 6 p.m) anyway, sleeps the whole day and goes to the hospital when she wakes up. so that’s basically just me in the house!! which so rocks!!

*^ been playing scrabble alot lately.. and i just kicked my brothers’ ass before he went to the airport! it’s just mind blowing what words you make up and when you check the dictionary you actually find out that it’s actually a word!!

*^@ tomorrow is my best friends’ birthday!! yaaaaay! frex yal chalba get ready for that great ride!!

*^@! i’ve been reading invictus alot lately.. don’t know why.. but i still think it’s beautiful 😀

*^@!% so i’ve been counting the times i’ve cussed for a week!! and i’m ashamed to write the times i’ve sweared.. i really need to cut back on the cussing… LOL!! i actually almost believed that i would do that LOL! so i need to know if you want me to post it or not.. cause i really don’t wanna seem like a whore 🙂

*^@!%& remember this? yeah everytime we get to that street, i look at my right and expect to see a car coming towards me.. is that fucked up or what?

*^@!%&$ does anybody know where i can get these shoes? i’ve been looking everywhere!! i really want them :/


 *^@!%&$# and i’m off to bed *yawn* ^_^ v

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