Die bitch DIEEE!!!

i hate my english professor!!! she is a total bitch!

what a whore!

i hate you so much that i can’t stand the sight of you. and when i hear your name or hear your voice i just wanna cut of my ears and pock holes into them with my pencil… wai3 wai3 waaaaai3!!

thank god that the feeling is mutual.. i’m sure she’s a nice person once i actually have a normal conversation where she isn’t being a complete bitch and isn’t making my life a complete hell… i’m sure i’d think she’s a nice person.. but i don’t think that’s ever going to happen.. since she’s a complete whore who’s making her life’s mission is making me want to kill myself every time i see her.. well listen lady.. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! now leave me the fuck alone!

7a6a 3alay bshakil mo 6abee3y! here’s one example:

we’ll call me: Sarah
and we’ll call her: Fucking whore who’s completely frustrated cause she hasn’t gotten any since forever so she decides to put all her frustration on sarah… or to shorten it: betch

sarah types an essay and goes to show it to her to see if it’s good enough for miss hard to please.. now the essay is 5 pages..

betch looks at the first page and says: “the title needs to be centered.”

Sarah: “okay..” *goes to correct the simple mistakes and gives her the paper*

betch: “and over here you need to put a period..” (mind you we’re still on the first page)

and this goes on for ten minutes… i finished the papers in the printer! ya bint elkalb tell it to me all at once and not make me go back and forth for ten minutes while I (who is very stupid to not say anything since i want to pass this class) act like your personal bitch!

other example, eh?

we have a quiz where we have to write another summary essay.. where we write the source and publisher and blah blah blah.. basically we summarize an article..

i’m looking for the publisher and it’s not there.. so i need to make sure that it’s not really there..

Sarah: “umm professor, there’s no publisher…?”

betch: “hmmmm….. could you find it?”

sarah: “but it’s not there…”

betch: “could you try harder?”

sarah: “okaaaay…” *in the back of my mind… fucking bitch..*

then comes the punch line:

other student: “professor, i can’t find the publisher..”

betch: “oh yeah that’s because there isn’t one..”

!!! zagat zagitich ya bint il kalb!! 9arly sa3a shgool ana?!!

oh i hope you get what you have coming for you.. cause you are definitely on my beating up list..

i hate you..


4 Responses to “Die bitch DIEEE!!!”

  1. 1 eshda3wa November 19, 2008 at 6:58 pm



    u need to pass

  2. 2 Dandash November 19, 2008 at 11:37 pm

    oh my god i know her !!!!! :/

    mo hathi the one ele emswaya malyon 3amlyat tajmeel oo her nose yelma3 all the time !!

    mo hathi ele etha chafat el guys wela darsat guys teg3ad etdala3 oo etha yat 3ind el girls etzif oo bas

    mo hathi el ‘3abeya ele may3jbha el 3ajab !! oo etrkis 3al silly stuff oo tensa el mohimm !!

    mo hathi ele etha chftay el grades a5ir shay echofeeen el guys 3alamthom waaaaaied akthar min el girls !!!

    mo hathi ele 9akat el bab eb my face oo ma da5ltne el class !!!

    mo hathi el ‘3abeya ele 3a6tne C just coz she hates me !!!! oo ana kitn 7adi good !!! oo laaah mo bas chethy el na7esa she gave me a C 3ashan i cant repeat it !!!!

    tra el list goes onn oo onnn

    im 100% sure ena hathi ehya same ele ur talking abt !!

    hathe ensana may3jbha el 3ajab oo ma test7ee oo waay waay thakrtneeee 9ijjj la3at chabdeeee

    wala ana i dont know you bas grait ele ketbteeh 7sait ena ur talking abt her coz im sure mako menha 2 !!

    sweety tadreeen ena 6ardenha min el place ele kanat feh b4 la etyekom !

    oo tadreen el kil mishtke 3aliha !!

    oo waay tra hal ensana et5ari3 an97ich etkonen mosalima weyaha !

    6ab3an enshala mo ehya bas ana meta’akda ena ehya oo etha e6l3at ehya ill tell u more abt her wai33333 g6e3aaaa !! :/

  3. 3 MishMisha November 23, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    i’m trying so hard not to yell at her and break her hip.. but i think we’re making progress..

    wow allah y3een her students. bes unfortunately mo ihya, hathy she’s been here for a long time, and she’s kinda young.. (i said kinda)

  4. 4 stephennn February 11, 2010 at 1:20 am

    your hilarious lol people like that shoulddd dieeeeeeeeeee

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