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Sing It Wit Me…


never felt so good.. ;Pp




kill me now..

so i have 2 tests in the morning and i still haven’t studied.. (heh) what is the matter with me? it’s 22:38 and i haven’t studied and i’m blogging about me not studying yet! (how many times have i written the word ‘study’?)

i have 1 at 8.30 in the morning (duh) and the other is at…. madri when bes it’s at my school and i’m pretty much sure it’s in the morning too..

ok i think this is me freaking out. but i’m so quite that you can’t believe…. why the hell am i writing this sentence and not studying!!?

i should get used to this ta’9arob thing.. i have 2 finals in one day! LOL!! does anybody know where i can buy a gun? i need to kill myself or more importantly my future has gone down the drain..

do you sometimes promise yourself that you’re going to listen to every song that comes on your ipod when you put shuffle, but then break that promise after you listen to 3 seconds of the first song you get? cause i do

woah!! that was random!

and now i’m stalling! *cries* *sobs* *laughs hystericaly* maybe if i just pretend to be crazy.. that way i don’t have to go and get tested..

ok that sounded kinda bad to me.. heheh

i’m hungry…

it’s 22.45 right now and still no studying.. not even 1 subject *YAAAY!!*

how much denial can a person handle before they finally reach rock-bottom..

maybe i should study…. bes maly 5ilg (why am i typing to myself?? i knew i was some kind of crazy person.. what if the medical gang/people name this illness after me!! the sarah syndrom… i don’t know how to even spell that word.. oh well who gives a shit?)

i’m hungry…



hey! i literally just saw this 10 minutes ago, and i just had to post this! it’s really awesome and really amazing! miley and mandy got fucking owned in this video.




Words of wisdom..

Just when you think life's a bitch, she has puppies.

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