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Heading out…


will try to update you on my adventures..


Nice Face! What are you going to do when the Baboon wants his Ass back?

bitch post y’all! either read on or close the damn thing 🙂

maly 5ilg i wake up everyday and do the same shit! 7arr!! 7aaaarr!! the least the little fuckers can do is put some ac or something! it’s summer for crying out loud!

i wanna travel, i’ve been here for the last 4 summers and i’m bored! some where nice, somewhere nice. i know i already said nice but i’m trying to emphasise on it 🙂

apparently i have a roommate, she’s a pigeon and i named it paullete. i don’t know if it’s a male or female. but the bitch is starting to annoying the hell out of me “qooooooo!! QOOOOOOOOOO!!! QOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”  i mean shit!!! what the fuck did i do to diserve this?! is it supposed to be a wake up call? everytime i shoo it, 10 minutes later “QOOOOOOOO!!” augh!!

i wanna post a photo of satan’s spawn.. bes madri shfee the laptop rayi7 feeha.. i’ll post it when i can ^_^

i noticed i’ve been neglecting this blog… it saddens me that i’ve sorta lost interest.. i just don’t seem to see anything blog-worthy.. maybe i’m just outgrowing this or maybe i’m just boring.. =/

this college thing is killing me! too many choices and no time! and my parents are killing me! everytime they see me “ha darastay?” “naby 3alamat zaina ok?” “rif3ay ilmo3adal haa?” pressure much? seriously my dad’s travelling for medical reasons and the first thing he said to me when i spoke to him was asking me if i was studying.. popsy tara lail7een ma bida il9aifi and you’re already asking if i was studying? oh and doing good.. feeling fine thanks for asking.. *hangs herself*

pressuring me and always nagging me to study makes me rebelious o 3nad ma adris! la t7inoon!

my bathroom is like a sauna! yes people! i’m bitcing about my bathroom! i’m in awe as to how my brother lived with the goddamn bathroom! 7arr! and i finaly have proof that he’s truely a guy since he has no single mirror in the room. how am i supposed to wear my contacts? how the hell am i gonna see if what i’m wearing makes me look fat, or like a slut? go with my gut instincts?

i’ve never noticed i complain alot… hmmm have i always been like this? i wonder…

here’s something i just noticed.. my laptop sucks! bad afandi.. baaaaaaad afandi! my usb thing doesn’t work 😦 i wanna put misic on my ipod and it doesn’t work 😥 hifff

damn i’m so depressed… would a cigarette help me?

Tiny TidBits Of My Weekend,

“aaaw! he’s so cute i wanna kick him!!” -Frex

“Whatever happens in the shalaih, stays in the shalaih” -Feefz

“for this weekend i’m not 25, i’ m 16” -Kambi

“can you use the word ‘porn’ in scrabble?” -mishmisha

“when i say ‘laish’ we spray them, k?”  -friend

“inta laish wayhik n3al?!” -mishmisha

“i can’t believe i went so low, and fought with an 8 year old” -feefz
“and lost” -mishmisha

“shfeech? ga3deen nsawy jow romansy” -mumum, i think?

“he’s fucking everywhere! i can’t go anywhere without him being there! it’s so annoying!” -mishmisha

“lolz, 7aram why’d he spray the maid? she didn’t do anything!” -mishmisha
“3ady oboy’s like that, just shrug it off” -frex

“9arly sa3a agoolah ana ma3ak! and then he sprays me in the face the next second!” -sawoonah

“i’m so hungry i can eat my own face!” -mishmisha

“it’s a shame we’re pussies…” -feefz
“such a shame..”  -frex
“shame shame shame” -mishmisha

“you can’t put ‘wtf’ on a scrabble board! it’s not a word!” -kambi
“it might be in some countries, you never know!” -mishmisha

“i got my three bitches by my side, what more could a girl want?” -mishmisha

and that just the first couple of days, the rest i don’t remember that well.

Why We’re So *6ooo6ing* Awesome!

here’s another post about me and my favorite sister (if she read this she’d say “I’m your only sista!”) here are some things that we always do on a regular basis.. and we’ve discovered after saying just a few that we have the right to show the whole internet place thing that we’re awesome ppl to hang out with (confidence bitch!) ;Pp like this old post..

let’s start:

  1.  there’s this car (i think it’s a range) that says “APPLAUD” at the back. and us being us we’d go next to the guy and applaud him… he asked for it, didn’t he??
  2. so we go to maki marina alot.. and we sorta know the waiters.. so we’ve named them (we know they’re not animals!!) anyway let’s start: *the little lebanese guy with a goatee: we call him masari’s bitch (long story, trust me) *the nice guy with the glasses: Amigo. *the lebanese guy who stares alot: Dude. *the indian guy who brings the food: bring food guy. *this phillipino guy i think: jackie chan’s brother.. so if you go there.. look for them ;Pp
  3. if a guy’s following us.. we do what we always do. go to a roundabout and stay there until he gives up.. while my sister who’s usually driving says “ya ana ya inta!” while i laugh my ass off searching for another micheal jackson song..
  4. there are alot of times when we’re out and there’s a guy on a bicycle and usually they pass by my side, and always ALWAYS! i get the urge to open the car door when they pass by the car.. so i always ask her “afta7 ib bab? please??”
  5. once i was alone in the house. completely alone. and i was fine. until i heard voices coming from the living room. so i go and check who’s there. and the room is empty, next i hear foot steps on the ceiling. at this point i’m freaking out. so i msg my sister and ask where she is.
    Kambi: “I just got home..”
    Sarah: “oh thank gawd.. i thought you were a ghost”
    Kambi: “…….ok”
  6. so me and kambooshty read each others mind alot.. to the point where it’s fucking annoying now and we want it to stop! like.. we say the same thing at the same time where you’d think we rehearsed it but we didn’t! or we’d sing the same song even though the last time we heard said song was like a million years ago.. so something like this would happen. what we do is, we stare at each other for a minute, then give each other the finger! (tough love baby!)
  7. so me and sambaweecha are in the car listening to the radio, then the news comes on. then i would say:
    Sarah: “you ever think that the next thing that ppl will dance to would be the news?”
    Sambaweecha: “What do you mean?”
    Sarah: “you know, like.. we’d listen to the news and bob our heads to the song.. like they’d say ’11 ppl died in iraq this morning from some suicide bombing’ and we’d be like ‘YEAAAAAH!! ROCK ON BITCH!’ while doing the rock and roll sign!”
    Sambaweecha: “HAHAHAHAHAHA omg can you imagine… (blah blah blah)”
    and we’d start a topic from that..
  8. we were in sultan center that’s in souq sharq. and i was going to get a basket and i didn’t find her. so i go looking for her. i see her standing at the cereal isle or something and i go..
    Sarah: “i know you!” *while pointing at her*
    so she’s standing at the end of the isle and i’m standing at the other side, and right smack in the middle is some guy, once he hears me, he turns to me and smiles thinking i was talking to him, so he hesitates then my sister goes..
    Kambi: “I know you too!!” *while laughing*
    you have no idea how embarassed the guy was LOL!
  9. either at the avenues or marina or anywhere where ppl would hang around the cars and check them out.. we’d pass by them and go “you’ll never get it. you’ll never get it. you’ll never get it”
  10. if we’re out for lunch and our table is loose or something.. we’d imagine that our table is special and it has special powers like if you shake the table or something the waiter would magically appear..
  11. when watching tv or a movie and the hott actor does something sexy or sweet we’d go “AAAAAAHH!!!” and go crazy.. then we’d look at each other and say “Virgins..” *while rolling our eyes*
  12. we’re in the living room watching tv. minding our own business when we hear the front door open. so what do we do? we pretend that we’re sleeping in the most awkward situations! even if we’re standing! and if it’s our dad who’s just come in. he’d sit in the couch and pretend like he’s asleep too (LOL)
  13. dad would do something funny or cool and after we’d tell him he’d go “Yeah i’m funky eh?”
    Sarah and Sambaweecha: “oh no daddy you just had to ruin it..” and we’d get up leaving him confused..
  14. today at lunch she ordered a salad of some sort. so the waiter told her that it also had some wild rice in it. after the waiter left she said..
    Sambaweecha: “kint aby agool how wild is the rice? does it party all the time and sleep around and stuff?  bes maby a6ayi7 il miyana too quickly”
    and of course my usual way of ordering the check.. yelling for the waiter (well at least it does the job!) keep in mind this is how  it is all the time..
  15. whenever we see the police whether in the car or anything, we have to hide and act like we don’t want them to see us and act all guilty! it’s not like we’re hiding something.. it’s just what we do!

well that’s a really long post! and you have no idea how easy it was to count all the stuff you’ve just read.. anyway! bye!

p.s sambaweecha is kambi… *waves to sambaweecha!*

Teeny Tiny Blonde Moment 4

Sarah: didn’t we just see this? omg are we in the past?!

7amad: *stares* yes Sarah we’re in the past..

Kambi: 7amad you’re not helping! no Sarah this is the +2 channel

Sarah: oh.. hehe *embarrassed*

p.s merry christmas!! 

Me, Meemo and Johnny..

question for y’all…

so you’re a waiter (ok i know you’re not. but go with me here) and someone says excuse me, and they’re looking at you. what does that mean? does it mean that, that person wants to have a chat with you or just wants to test out their voices or what?

well apparently today when i did that for breakfast at johnny rockets, i just wanted to have a chat with the guy and know how his day was going..

OH! and we found out that their bagels were from the u.s (insert snort here)

on a side note from the 7anna from meemo: always listen to her. >.>

and please if you ever talk to anybody we know. please don’t tell them we went to johnny rockets.. they’d kill us and then bring us back to life just to yell at us and then walk away and make us wish we didn’t come back from the dead… no seriously, don’t tell anybody ^_^

Do We Know You?!

so today or maybe technically, yesterday.. me and feefz went to have a late lunch at johnny rockets marina.

anyway, so me and feefz are done, so we wanted the check. ofcourse at that precise time, all the waiters are busy. so what do we do? i go and yell out “EXCUSE ME!! hii” yep i always do that. and i do mean always.. sometimes i yell out ‘yo!’ or something 3ala 7asab mazaji, you know?

anyway!! that’s not the point at all.. we asked for the check and the manager comes and gives it to us and starts a conversation..asking if we were sisters or cousins… shko cousins? why would he think cousins?! how did he know enna we’re cousins?!

and then he goes and asks feefz’s name and he just says mine so sure!! and we’re like ‘heh heh… that’s a pretty good guess..*awkward pause*”

then he introduced himself saying his name was so and so and that if we ever needed anything we should just ask for the manager and he’d take care of it (was6a anyone? :P) then he goes and says he’s seen us before.. like last week.. wtf? last time i went to jr. was last month..

anyway that was really weird.. how the hell does he know all about us?

Words of wisdom..

Just when you think life's a bitch, she has puppies.

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