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Well….. Fuck You!

here’s how it is, it’s been awhile since anything was posted in this emptiness that is called my blog. well.. truth be told, i couldn’t give a crap. but it’s mine and i can do whatever i want with it, including letting it do nothing and sit there collecting dust. so suck on that.

anyway, the real reason why i’m writing this is because i felt like it, and so far my anger is still in the same place it was and i don’t want it there anymore. so let’s just get the bitch-athon going so we can all sleep at night.

i hate uni!! fucking assholes gave me D’s! which one of them said in an email that it was supposed to be a C but out of kindness he gave me a D because i was late to some of the classes so he was supposed to give me an F, but he gave me a D. thank a lot asshole, but i’d like my C instead. it’s unfair since it’s a C! you can’t do that, it’s my grade! my percentage is a C, you can’t make it lower just because you feel like it.

now that’s the first one, the second one is different, i need just five points to pass the class, and if the prefessor wasn’t an irresponsible prick, then i wouldnt be in this mess in the first place! here’s what happend:

we had some class asignments, and i did them all. now the asshole was suppose to return them to us after grading them, but he never returned mine. and after talking to him about it a couple of times and going with him to his office and not finding them. he told me he’d look for them and not to worry. yeah right. now when i saw the break up sheet for the grade, i see that he gave me zero’s on those 2 assignments! wtf man! and when i emailed him about it he tells me he doesn’t “recall us ever having that conversation”. well it’s not my problem if you’re an ass with no memory! i want my grade that i deserve! abi aftak min waihik. i don’t care if a c isn’t even that good! i just want to finish from this stupid class that i don’t want!

well this post didnt really help me at all…


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