this page contains all the badleyat that i have had the time to write down… yes i am that lifeless…

the ones between the brackets is what i’d meant to say and the actual ones are what i said 🙂

  • sekrietay (9akartay)
  • tuh (duh + totally)
  • 9af6a (9af7a)
  • sa3boola (e9a3boona)
  • quality net (k net)
  • da aad (dude + man)
  • rooma nonee7a (nooma moree7a)
  • exclamation park (exclamation mark + ??)
  • spood (speed of food)
  • soka (shoka + spoon)
  • madro (madri + i don’t know)
  • tonay (today + tonight)
  • fe5el (fe3el 5ology)
  • 7ajiya (7aganiya)
  • a’3na a7aly (a7la a’3any)
  • pucking fussy (fucking pussy)
  • adabiya (mit adba)
  • 9af5ita (fa95ita)
  • ’63am (3’6am)
  • 9amya (3amya + 9am5a)
  • 5ayeena (5ayna)
  • tagree3a (targee3a)
  • karast kisreyey (kassart kirseyey)
  • eeter eith (either eat)
  • kamboor (shampoo +conditioner)
  • 6ab3a (ma6aba)
  • 3awajin (7awajib + 3yoon)
  • thakarteech (thakartich + thakarteeny)
  • sim3eeny a5izich (shoofeeny a5izich)
  • ma7ad yakil o ib 7alja akil (ma7ad yitkalam o ib 7alja akil)
  • worild (weird)
  • magloofa (malgoofa)
  • akatab (aktib + kitab)
  • 3ara ib kainish (5ara ib shaklich + 3ama ib 3ainich)
  • cha7 9ena (chena 9a7)
  • harpy (happy hormones)
  • ‘3ara (5ara + ‘3aby)
  • 9oweel (6oweel + 9alb)
  • iklay chibin (iklay tibin + chub)
  • praine (actual plane + real plane)
  • fart toast (french toast)
  • Baladiya (Badliya)

2 Responses to “Badleyat!!”

  1. 1 Nomad July 15, 2007 at 3:27 am

    lol this reminds me of my high school days :p
    i used to have a notebook where i wrote down every single “badleyah” ever said in class :p was really funny lol.
    i wonder where it is now would be funny to actually find it now lol.

  2. 2 Matthew Doucette May 11, 2009 at 2:49 am

    I just “invented” tonay, to mean today and tonight all in one, last night. Just searched it up to see if anyone else had already invented it and came to this page!

    What does badleyat mean?

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