All In A Days’ Worth..

Time: 7.23 A.M,
woke up. still tired. realized that i’ve been waking up at 7 for the past month. must find solution.

Time: 8.12 A.M,
still awake in bed listening to Goo Goo dolls trying to fall asleep.

Time: 9.35 A.M,
watching die hard 4 on my mac.. laughing my ass off

Time: 11.05 A.M,
finally fell back asleep.

Time: 4.55 P.M,
woke up by msg from FReX asking if we’re still on for today..

Time: 5.10 P.M,
got up and took shower.

Time: 5.34 P.M,
finished shower, and checked phone to see if anybody called or anything.. felt depressed since i’m obviously not wanted =( then cheered up when i noticed that i took about 15 minutes to shower, and that never happens!! i usually take an hour or something to take a quick shower =D

Time: 5.55 P.M,
FReX arrives and we sit on my sofa/bed and talk about how the other 2 fishies died (may they RIP)

Time: 6.00 P.M,
hear CK barking and realizing that it’s prolly the boys finaly arriving.

Time: 6.04 P.M,
the boys are back!!! yaaay i missed them so much!! and surprisingly dad didn’t say anything about the fish… got kinda scared because of that..

Time: 6.07 P.M,
said my first cuss of the day (F*&%) because of teh stupid maid who i love oh so much (plz notice the sarcasm) has decided to disappear for the time..

Time: 6.09 P.M,
cousins finally arrive and we eat lunch/fu6oor and laugh at each other and joking around…

Time: 6.30 P.M,
sitting in the couch hearing stories about 9irm eshai5 and checking out photos… really loved that part of the day *sigh*

Time: 7.15 P.M,
realize i was in the mood for some ice-cream, i got ready and scarred my little brother for life when he saw me – which wasn’t my fault, he shouldn’t have been there (you figure out what he saw, but don’t go far. it wasn’t that bad :P)

Time: 7.25 P.M
we’re finally in the car but stop on the way when we heard the radio, and went back home to get my iPod.

Time: 7.35 P.M,
get in the car again, and go to jam3iya shamiya to get our ice-cream. stopped them and suggested going somewhere else before (the bumpy road). they were totally on board! so we were set to go there. stopped them again when i realized that they didn’t bring the wire to connect the iPod to the cars’ radio.

Time: 7.42 P.M,
get home, and i rush inside to get the wire when i find out that it’s in the family car, go outside to the car and find out it’s not here (totally bummed at this point) then ah-ha! maybe it’s in the other car. find out it’s not there.. (went into depression). then i went back inside again to get some cds that are sooo old!! i couldn’t believe i still had ’em.

Time: 7.47 P.M,
leave home to go to the bumpy road when i realized that i forgot my phone (you cannot imagine how stupid i felt)

Time: 7.50 P.M,
got home…again, and get my phone. my little brother screams and tells me i’m driving him crazy by coming and going and coming and going.. (he has no idea how i felt)

Time: 7.54 P.M,
stopped at the school that’s infront of the jam3iya to switch seats (i know it seems normal, but you have no idea how funny that was LOL!)

Time: 8.32 P.M,
in front of the bumpy road (across the street) and fighting the urge not to dance happily and clap my hands.

Time: 8.43 P.M,
still at the same spot that we were, much less excited and more bored and fighting the urge not to lean over and honk the stupid horn!

Time: 8.55 P.M,
at the front of that same light, waiting for that light to turn green..

Time: 8.59 P.M,
lights turned green YAY!! getting closer and closer to my bumpy!! XD

Time: 9.05 P.M,
finally about to enter when we realize it’s very crowded. not much chance to really enjoy it like we usually do. so we decide to wait a little bit since there were no cars behind us..

Time: 9.07 P.M,
we go in!! and have a blast!! but it ended too quickly.. oh well!! totally worth it!

Time: 9.12 P.M,
miss our turn to head over to shamiya.. felt totally stupid at that point since i should’ve known..

Time: 9.20 P.M,
find out that a guy has been staring at us and following us for quite a while, and realized he’s one of those stubborn guys who will probably follow you to your house, pretty irritating if you ask me..

Time: 9.25 P.M,
turn into shamiya and that punk is still following us… augh!!!

Time: 9.27 P.M,
at the roundabout and we take a surprise turn and drive like hell to the fir3 near my grandmothers house..

Time: 9.29 P.M,
realize that he’s still behind us! so annoying it’s starting to scare us (quite the adventure, don’t you think??)

Time: 9.32 P.M,
almost broke the car since rikabna ra9eef without noticing. and he’s still behind us (gotta give him props for being so persistent) and we park behind a car and act like we’re waiting for someone. he gets the message and goes to the fir3.

Time: 9.35 P.M,
we laugh evilly and think we got him, and when we drive off we find him next to us (sonofabitch!)

Time: 9.42 P.M,
we give up and say that we’re not gonna do anything and just ignore him and get us some ice-cream (for crying out loud, this is getting ridiculous!!)

Time: 9.53 P.M,
through some miracle we finally get rid of him (through some amazing plan i deducted muahahaha!) though we almost hit a car, and almost get hit by the same car (what was his hurry anyway?!)

Time: 9.55 P.M,
get into baskin robins and get our ice-cream, though while walking towards it we kept looking at every car that was even remotely the same as his and freaking out thinking he found us!

Time: 10.25 P.M,
say goodbye to both cousins and planned what we’d be doing the next day..

Time: 10.37 P.M,
said goodbye to FReX

Time: 10.45 P.M,
brother coming and telling me we’re going to play kout (see how confident he was of the fact that i’m going to play?)

and now here i am, on my laptop checking everything that i’ve missed, checking all the blogs that i usually read, and all that blob πŸ˜›

and now i’m off to waste my time with someone else… hope i didn’t take much of your time πŸ˜›


9 Responses to “All In A Days’ Worth..”

  1. 1 chikapappi September 7, 2007 at 10:08 am

    πŸ™‚ – wow, lotsa events !

  2. 2 "GreY" September 7, 2007 at 10:55 am

    I had to skip some to ‘save time’ lol … just a question .. are you still feeding kitkat to CK?

  3. 3 Swair September 7, 2007 at 1:35 pm

    hahahaha wanasa! i want to spend a day with u if it’s that fun and cuckoo :p

  4. 4 Whiskey September 8, 2007 at 12:41 am

    What your brother saw: Your pad! ;p

    And the ipod- go to the jam3ya and buy the type thingy 1.650 KD very handy!

    Be i couldnt continue reading im tierd.

  5. 5 MishMisha September 8, 2007 at 10:06 am

    yeah, it was an eventful day ;P

    of course not! i learned my lesson!

    oh god! you have no idea how cuckoo it can get, just give us some redbull or something with caffeine in it… my god LOL

    lool he just saw me in my bra (i told you it wasn’t *that* bad! :P)
    hmmm.. i’ll keep that in mind πŸ˜‰

  6. 6 Swair September 8, 2007 at 12:46 pm

    Red Bull’s on me :p

  7. 7 L's Brain September 8, 2007 at 10:41 pm

    hahahaha had fun reading this! you know something? each time I read one of your posts I remember your picture when you were a kid! I remember seeing one once on hmm Zizi’s blog? the lolo guy? the prettiest kid contest! the kid I saw had a smile that promised mischeif! πŸ˜‰

  8. 9 MishMisha September 12, 2007 at 1:03 am

    L’s Brain,
    lool omg i can’t believe you still remember that! i totally forgot all about that contest.. lool that comment made me smile for the whole day! πŸ˜€

    lool i kinda figured that.. πŸ˜›

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