Todays Thorns Are Tomorrow’s Roses

The day was grim, silent and chaotic at the same time, a subtle wind ruffling peoples’ hair. And blowing away scarves and paper plates and napkins that are too many to count. Yep it was grim all right.

I walk aimlessly through the park not having a destination in mind and not bothering to care where I’m going. Looking around me, I see things that I’ve seen all my life. And I try to see what no one has been able to see. I try to find the beauty in the ugliness that surrounds me. I need more time to find it than the time that I care to give.

I keep walking until I reach an old bench that overlooks the lake. Thinking nothing of it I sit down and stare ahead at the lake. The wind has slowed down and people are starting to leave for some reason that’s unknown to me. I shrug my shoulders and look at the little ducks and swans in the lake swimming and doing god knows what. I see a little baby duck go under with a couple others. They all come out but that one didn’t. I wait. It’s still under. How long can ducks hold their breaths? I start to panic as the baby duck has been under for about 3 minutes. I start to wonder if I should tell someone about this. But I completely erase that thought. What would they do? Give it CPR? More yet what would they say to me? They’d think I’m completely crazy.

At last the duck comes up and let out a sigh. It seems oblivious to the amount of time it had been under water, and about my worrying about it. I laugh at myself. I was actually worried about a baby duck!

Something flashes at me and I turn and see a man with a camera in his hand. He just smiles and sits next to me. I scoot a little to give him some space, as he was a little too close for comfort.

“I’m sorry. It looked too good and I had to take a picture.” while smiling softly.

“Sure,” I reply silently

We stay silent for a little while. He keeps fidgeting and I keep thinking of my life and everything that surrounds it. I can feel him looking over my shoulder now and lift his camera. A flash comes and he sighs happily.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” he asks me.

I look at him and he points to my right. I turn my head and I see twin trees that are bare from its’ leaves, all the leaves surrounding them at the ground with the beautiful colors of brown, orange and yellow. With their reflections in the lake make them look breathtaking. This little description doesn’t even come close to giving it any justice.


And it was.


5 Responses to “Todays Thorns Are Tomorrow’s Roses”

  1. 1 'GreY' August 6, 2007 at 12:53 pm

    Wow ! Thats beautiful !

    CPR to the duck ? lol !

  2. 2 Vinnie August 6, 2007 at 1:27 pm

    Don’t approve the comments as I was logged in by mistake, I’ll just say it here
    1- Were u on Shrooms?
    2- Nicely written. It was honestly enjoyable

  3. 3 N. August 6, 2007 at 4:58 pm

    Very beautiful, I could picture it in my head.

    Want some constructive criticism? If you do then read on, if not stop here :p
    Do you proofread? if you don’t then you should. That’s all i can think of now :p very pretty!

  4. 4 Nomad August 6, 2007 at 7:41 pm

    whens the novel coming out?
    great work kiddo =)

  5. 5 MishMisha August 8, 2007 at 5:35 pm

    .: ‘GreY’ :.
    loool thanks alot *^_^*

    .: Vinnie :.
    lol ok
    1. i don’t think so… was that supposed to be a compliment?
    2. thanks, glad you enjoyed it ^^

    .: N. :.
    thank you.
    i don’t usually proof read, usually maly 5ilg, so i just assume that everything is in order 🙂

    .: Nomad :.
    loool i don’t know actually, will tell you first ;P
    thanks man, means alot ^.^

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