A Day To Remember..

today has been one hell of a day. i have done so much that i can’t help but want to write about it. i don’t wanna forget this day.. so here goes:

i wake up at 6 and check the papers with my brother for his name that he’s finally graduated. me, my brother and my cousin all have different papers and searching for one name in between 3 thousand or something names. but thankfully it didn’t take long.. he’s graduated and 7amdillah everything is good.

it’s almost ten and my cousin (yes that cousin) calls and tells me to get ready, that she’s on her way to pick me up and go to KU.

she picks me up and we go. and as usual with both of us. something has to happen. we get lost in KU. and it takes us about 10 minutes to find the place we want. how typical.
after we finished, we went to AUK and gave the dean of admission the hoobla.. at this point we’re fucking hungry since we haven’t had anything to eat and we said we’d have breakfast after we finished from the collage crap.. there was no breakfast since it was 1 p.m. we get to her house to go with her sister, but she was sleeping. how did we not see that coming??
anyway long story short. we waited for about an hour for her to wake up, but she didn’t and her mom told us to just go.
at this point we were drained and starving, we got some redbull. and head to johnny rockets elly bil salmiya.

now the fun part begins. the waiter is all over us and calling us baby and coming over every 5 minutes to check on the food that wasn’t even there. and all we did was laugh at the whole situation. at the end when we went to the car, we were pretty pissed when we thought about it. who the fuck does he think he is calling us baby and reading the name off the credit card.

after that we went to markaz sul6an across the street to get me some victoria secret perfume. that was at 3 p.m or something like that. we got the perfume and went to see what else was there, we got to the hat section and we stayed there looking at hats for 25 minutes and i bought 2 hats and she got 1. we keep moving on then i decided to get me some shampoo, since we were there. we got to the shampoo section and we found these tiny shampoo bottles and we couldn’t resist, we had to take pictures:

dsc00078.jpg dsc00079.jpg

the shampoo is the little tiny bottles next to the others. it’s the length of a ring finger. and it cost about 450 fils (don’t worry we’re not advertising)

keep in mind we were talking english the whole time and were near the hair dye section thingy. and a kuwaity dude comes over to us and says in very broken english “how much this price? you know?”
i stared at him for over 6 seconds and said: “uuuhhh madri wallah..”
i kid you not his eyes almost fell out of their sockets. and my cousin was behind me and we were talking to him in arabic and he was so embarrassed. we were trying not to laugh. but the poor thing was still embarrassed.

anyway moving on. we went off to god knows where with our hats. btw what’s the problem with girls wearing hats? everybody was staring at us like we grew a second head. is it 7aram? like there’s some unwritten rule that girls aren’t supposed to wear hats? well excuse us because we didn’t get that memo. it wasn’t just the guys, it was also the girls who were staring. but that’s not the point..

we decide to head over to the bumpy road. but i wanted my fix. i wanted some redbull (again) and we found this supermarket .. i have no idea what it’s called.. it’s the one near fanar… like ’24 hour quick super market’ or something?
anyway. we get our fix, and get some gum and then we saw it. and we had to laugh.. and we had to take a picture:


it’s mini mentos.. and they were so tiny. the clerk behind the counter was giggling the whole time and other customers were laughing at us because we were taking a picture of mini mentos. i don’t know how much they cost..

we head to the bumpy road and we indar3im in, and thank god there was no car in the way. we were going so fast and i had the redbulls in my hand and at the end we realized i spilled some of it. and we were laughing so hard. it was amazing.. that was the second best time going through the bumpy road. the best was the first time. i think we’re getting addicted to that parking lot.. so shoot us. it’s the only form of entertainment we can get. and it works everytime.

then the most amazing thing happened. some guys were following us, and at the traffic light my cousin 7a66at brake and then the traffic light turned yellow! it was so cool. we lost ’em. then we decided to test this new discovery at the next traffic light. and it worked! my cousin’s car had the ability to change traffic lights. and we were ecstatic! anyway that’s not important.

anyway we then went home. with our radio station. 101.1 check us out, and if you don’t hear anything. it means we’re not listening to any music..

and now we get to here. sitting at my laptop writing this down with my cousin sitting next to me. she just said a very lame hi to all the readers out there.

i know i took long. but this was a day that i never wanted to forget. it was a day with so many emotions. anger, hunger, laughter, and so many more. and frankly if you don’t feel up to reading it. i don’t give a shit. (was that rude?)

bye! i want some redbull…. :Pp


6 Responses to “A Day To Remember..”

  1. 1 Vinnie June 20, 2007 at 3:55 am

    I am seriously honored to be the 1st commenter.. hope I still am after writing this 🙂
    Mishmisha… *tear in my eye* Bravo
    You managed to surpass allllll my expectations
    You are officially amazing
    Had to burn thro alot .. I mean u know it was a long read but totally worth it. You n ur couzin r cool
    Now to make the comment worth ur time I shall comment on the seperate incidents:
    1- Waiter-Baby: I got pissed too although killish maly shighil… I still dont understand why
    2- Grats 3ala the graduation perfect news to get at this time of the summer.. now u guys can enjoy it
    3- Seems u have a fetish for lil stuff
    4- Am glad u decided to revisit the bumpy road. Now shawwagteeni I revisit it too.
    5- Nothing wrong w/ girls in hats.. u shoulda checked whether ur bra was secured or not. Hope that wasn’t in bad taste?
    6- Thats a nice discovery about teh brakes.. we should research it further and publish the findings.
    Well I know its a whole post on ur post but u know.. I felt I should give this topic the proper amount.
    PS: Redbull, try to limit it to one a day or less… it has more caffeine than coffeee itself and might negatively affect your health.
    I understand the redbull indulgence dont get me wrong.. but treat it like alchohol if u were a drinker and dont do it too much

  2. 2 N. June 20, 2007 at 8:20 am

    Vinnie pretty much covered all I wanted to say, I want to stress though, too much red bull will really give you wings.. that will take you to heaven :p Just be careful with it!

  3. 3 Nomad June 20, 2007 at 3:04 pm

    lol haven’t had fun reading in a while :p Vinnie pretty much covered everything but i’d like to add a note on the bumpy road :p
    it reminds me of when i first got a car i loved that road so much LoL
    i remember one time i was going so fast there that i actually lost my front bumper LOL it a literally flew over the car and landed behind me god i laughed so hard that day :p

    but yeah glad u had some fun :p

  4. 4 shoosha June 20, 2007 at 7:43 pm

    awhhh the small shampoo is soooo cute!!!!

  5. 5 MishMisha June 21, 2007 at 10:20 am

    lool no no sir, i am the one who’s honored.
    you have expectations of me? like what kind of expectations? and thank you for everything else. you are so good for my ego LOL!
    now let’s get to business:

    1- i know! wtf was he on? he even told us his name! ronald or something… (that’s a hint for you to beat his ass up.. jk)
    2- thanks and you have no idea how crazy he went after he realized he can go to any college he wanted.
    3- lol it’s not a fetish. it was just a coincidence that everything we saw was tiny.
    4- lol we go there every time we’re out and we have no where else to go. it’s amazing how a few bumps amuse us. we’re sooo easily amused 😛
    5- well maybe it was what was behind the bra… was *that* in bad taste? :Pp
    6- i told her we should. but she had her own theory, but i wouldn’t know i wasn’t listening lol!

    lol i think i got a badliya from your comment! “try to limit it to one a day or less” that’s all i’m gonna do. i’m not gonna say anything about it. i really hope you see the badliya 😛

    yeah i know.. i am being careful, but i love it sooo much! 😛

    lol omg it just flew over the car? i can’t even imagine that! lool

    i know!! i just had to take a picture 🙂

  6. 6 Shale June 21, 2007 at 4:52 pm

    You seem as manic as a cat in a bonfire.

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